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Wardrobe Design Ideas For Your 13′ X 11′ House Bedroom

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Wardrobe Design Ideas For Your 13′ X 11′ House Bedroom

Hi Friends, Welcome to “HomePlanSolution”, we’ve got a Wardrobe Design Idea for you.We are on our Nerul site, and before this, we have made two Wardrobe Design Ideas.One in which we saw a Wardrobe Design with sliding shutters with carved handlesPlease check it out if you have not seen it yet.It’s one of my favourites.And second Wardrobe Design was the one with transparent shuttersIt had aluminum profile handlesI am adding a photo here for your reference.Today we are going to talk about this Wardrobe Design.We will check what materials we have used here,how have we planned it.We had shot one more Idea in this room when we were talking about paints.Now this room has been painted.We will make a Idea-update on that too.Meanwhile, let’s begin today’s Idea and see how it is from inside.Firstly, let’s understand its planning from the outside.You can see it has six shutters.Let me explain from outside and then we will see what’s inside.These are pairs of two shutters each.So this is standard.Above, we have given a dead storage……like we generally provide.The difference is that we have planned some drawers in the central portion herewhich you can access from the outside.Most of the times, we have seen that Wardrobe Design drawers are given inside.So you have to open the shutters first and then access the drawers…in which you store your inners, valuables, documents, or other clothes.But in this Wardrobe Design we have given some drawers which you can access directly from the outside.The shutters on the extreme left and right are lockable.But the central ones are specifically for day to day items which are not really valuableand therefore don’t require to be locked.And thus, it would be easier to access such items directly from the outsideHence you will see that we have given four drawers one below the otherLet’s talk about material combination .

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wardrobe design virical Side View

We have used a combination of dark grey and wooden laminate here.And here is a 3D visualization of this room for you all to seeWe had planned the look of this room in cool grey tones.Therefore we have used grey colour on the Wardrobe Design as well as the wall.I will insert a clip of that too.And internal laminate, we will see, are also grey.The laminate inside is also light grey.It’s not a flat grey laminate, but has a fabric like texture.It’s just a visual texture, not a real one.Because we knew the theme of this room is shaping up in cooler grey tones,(and the first finishes generally decided are the insides of the Wardrobe Design)hence we decided the inner laminates to be light grey.Let’s begin with opening the first shutter to see the internal planning.First, let us see the handles.These handles are made out out of teak woodWe did not find the perfect kind of handles we had visualized for this Wardrobe Design in the marketTherefore we got these custom-madeand they are painted over in black matt finishThe internal arrangement has a hanging space above, like always.And the lower space here is to keep suitcases.Often, the heavy suitcases we use during travel are stored under the bedor else they are kept in the dead storage.But it becomes difficult to access them from these areas.This Wardrobe Design had enough storage space.Therefore we could made a provision for storing heavy bags here itself.So one part has hanging space above and storage for bags below.The fitting you see here is called a latch rodYou must have seen that chain is used here in order to prevent shutters from opening beyond a point.If there is not enough gap between two shutters, then the laminate can chip awayThis fitting is used in such places these days.This fitting you see here is for autolock.So after one shutter closes….this fitting locks the Wardrobe Design automatically when the other shutter is closed.These smaller handles have also been custom made with teak wood.The upper portion is cut at this level because we have given drawers below.Let’s check its internal planningWe have given two shelves here to keep things.If you want to stack and keep things, we have provided space here.We have given a shorter hanging space herefor folded clothes like trousers, etc. which don’t require that lengthSo we have provided a rod here for those.So if you have given a shelf space above and you realize that you need hanging space later,you can introduce a rod like this.The shelves are also rested on buttons.If you notice, you can remove the shelves like this.At a later date, if you want to introduce a hanging rod above for more height,

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wardrobe design with Plan View
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you can remove both the shelvesand this entire space can be used for hanging.Let’s see the third and last pair of shuttersThis has been planned to divide into two parts by a vertical partition.One part is for hanging clothes, and other part is for stacking folded clothes.There is a shelf above too, which is continued from the other sections.If you want to include a safe, you can make such a provision.This has not been planned for a safe, though, just a thought.You can provide for such a slot according to the measurement of the safe.We have given a glass over the first drawer.You will find this kind of detailing you will also find in our Ideaon Wardrobe Design with aluminium profile shutters.The drawers below this one are deep.If we would have divided this space into three drawers, they would become very small.Therefore we have just kept them as two deep drawers.Let’s talk about the upper storage now.We have used the aluminum J profile for the lift up above.You can see how it appears in side section.The hydraulic pumps installed inside help in easy opening.We wanted to match it with the shutter line belowso we have continued the joint groove of the shutter onto the shutter of the lift up.so although it looks like two different shuttersit is actually one big lift up.And this aluminum section has been powder coated in black matt finish.It matches with the handles of the shutters, making the complete look cohesive.I hope you liked today’s Idea.Thank you for watching the Idea.Do let us know in the comments what you found most interesting in today’s Idea.Or any new thing that you learnt from this Idea.Do share this Idea with a friend or relativewho are going to renovate their home soon.If someone has started renovation of their home and you feel this Idea might be useful for them,do share with them too.We will meet soon with a new and interesting topic.  Until then, bye!

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